SZILVA VIDEOS: Magazine Exclusive Interview with Szilva:

- Do you like/write weird music?

If non commercial music is weird then the answer is yes. When I first heard artists like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against The Machines, Linkin Park (Old school style), White Zombie (Super Sexy Swinging Sounds), Bjork and Sully Erna (Avalon), it gave me hope that there was life beyond mainstream music. Since I was a kid, I have been influenced heavily by many different genres and this comes though in the unique sound of my own music. I continually push myself to give my listeners something different which incorporates a meaningful message in my lyrical content. As an artist, my goal is to inspire and find common grounds with people. So if not singing about mainstream themes we've all heard before is weird, then call me weird.


- Where and when did your musical experience start?

I’ve been singing since as early as I can remember. My folks say I was singing before I could talk. I loved playing keys and my piano teacher gave up on me when she found out I wasn’t reading sheet music and playing by ear. I found my home singing on stage in a school musical production with an audience of around 1000 people when I was 10 and knew that music was my calling in life. This passion later evolved to song-writing and music production.

- What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the year?

I will be releasing new music this year and I’m currently working
with several writers and producers to create more. I also plan to perform as often as possible and allow those who can’t make it to shows to see them in real time with live online media feeds. I’ll also be throwing some new music videos in the mix.


- What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music?

My emotions, experiences and subconsciousness.

- Please describe your personal studio for us.

My personal home studio is a sacred space where I let loose, It’s a zen environment to get the foundation of a song down. I always have my cat, candles, incense and my water fountain on nearby to create an ambient mood (although my cat often contradicts ambience). Some of my songs are born at home and although most of my work is recorded in a pro studio, I record final versions of some of my songs at home. My other personal studios include my car, shower and bed… song-writing inspiration often comes to me when I’m in these places.


- What are your favorite readings?

My favorite readings tend to be inspirationally or spiritually based. I enjoy eye openers. The Celestine Prophecy was a powerful one, although the movie version didn't do the book justice. One of my favorite books is called 'The War of Art' by Stephen Pressfield. It’s about identifying the inner battle in the creative process which is referred to as ‘resistance' and finding the way to overcome it and move forward with your purpose in life. It actually inspired a song I wrote called "Rezistance."

-In your opinion, what role does the 3rd sector, public and non-profit entities; have for music on the internet?

Fact is, as soon as a song is available on the internet, it becomes public domain. Back in the day, a lot of musicians made money from their songs alone and were able to live at least somewhat comfortably off their earnings. The internet has unfortunately destroyed this traditional business model for a lot of artists which can either crush them or on the other hand, force them to think outside the box on diverse ways to monetize from their art.

- The person you would never want to meet.

If still alive, probably Adolf Hitler… I would have chopped his remaining testicle off

- If you were another person would you be friends with you?

Without a doubt. I’m the kind of person friends come to, to confide in. I can keep a secret, won’t judge and give the best possible advice if asked…or not asked. I value friendship and good friends become like family. However, if someone betrays or tests our friendship, the Scorpio in me will sting or if I can’t be bothered going there, I’ll just cut you off.


- What is you best physical attribute?

My best physical attributes are my mind and my vocal chords…they are the key ingredients to my aural interpretations of music. In my mind it makes me who I am.


- Do you have a secret talent and what is it?

I have a couple... I wouldn’t exactly call it ‘talent' but they are weird.
I can move one of my eyeballs around 360 degrees while the other is looking straight forward (so gross). Another is that I can move my ears back and forth without touching them…Thankfully I have music to fall back on as this would make a pretty poor career path even in a circus of monkeys.

- What is one unique thing you are afraid of?

If you ask anyone that knows me, they would tell you I’m fearless…my own Mum calls me a dare devil… Though spiders, broken glass and nuclear weapons are amongst my less than unique fears.


- If you were a worm, how long would you be?

If I were a worm, I’d be long and skinny. I think I would probably test my elasticity and snap myself in half somewhere along the way.






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