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RadicalG is on a mission to weed out the boring faceless looping crap from his genre and provides only the ripest goodies on stage, topped with some skanky vocals and 80's sounding melodies.

Tracks like Chateau, Supersonik, Darkstepper and Shake it!!! were charted by big-time players like Laurent Garnier and Dave Clarke.

Even as a remix artist, RadicalG delivered a superb remix of Belgium's legendary wave band The Neon Judgement on their latest album, We are confused, was charted in the best of 2010 on Whitenoise radio.

In 2008 He toured 2 times in South-America spreading the word and performed live at the finest venues of Brazil (D-Edge, ClashClub in Sao Paulo, Fosfobox in Rio de Janeiro).

In 2011 RadicalG signs at Sonicangel and supports the Lords of Acid on their US tour in March 2011. The forthcoming album will be released spring 2011.





- Do you Like/Write Weird Music ?

Well I am 100% weird so the answer ‘s quite obvious :)

- When and where did your experience in music start ?

I was very young starting classic music school, turn out I was a drummer but exchanged it all for my first TR808 drum machine, one of my best choices I made during lifetime

- What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest of the year ?

The album “ Darkness Falls ” is in production stage, I just focus myself on the forthcoming gigs and the US tour to promote my music over there.

You support Lords Of Acid ?

Yes I'm very pleased, I hope people will like the combination, it's different but family in music terms, but I love LOA very much and played a lot of their classics when I was a teenager DJ these days :-D Darlin come here you F.ck ….. are printed in my mind.

What mr.Praga Khan thinks of you ?

I think you better ask him,  Does he get involved with my kind of species???? LOL :-D

- What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music ?

Life, things I've been through, people or things who're worth writing music, positive or negative ;-)  

- Best Song Ever ?

  Never let me down Depeche mode

- Please describe your personal studio for us...

  Running on Mac, Ableton/logic, DB8 Mackie mixing desk and a lot of analogue gear :-p

- Do You Like Your Voice On Your Answering Machine ? 

Do I have an answering machine? HAHAHA

- What are your favorite readings ?

I don't have time to read, too busy reading life all day, what a confrontation !!! and I don't watch a lot of TV, instead of watching it, I listen to it from a distance and the few times this happens I think, just change the name from “NEWS” into “MISERY” poor world.

-  Are you religious ?

I believe in faith, no more no less

- The person you would never want to meet ? 

I think you'll meet every person during lifetime ,if you want it or not, I just don't pay attention to everybody, that solves a lot.

- If you were another person would you be friends with you ? 

I'm a difficult person to handle and I don't have much real friends, But yes I'm someone to rely on.

- What is your best physical attribute ? 

My totally skinned body, hold on tight, slippery when wet. And no I don't need to shave it before you ask, personal stuff, but what started as an immune disease turns out into a brand, and yes it can be handy :-p

- Do you have a secret talent and what is it ? 

no I don't  ,sorry, but some say I got a special gift, I relativize different.

- 3 things you cannot live without ?

electricity, trust, family

- Why you do THIS ?

  it's my one and only me  
- What is one unique thing are you afraid of ?


- If you were a worm, how long would you be ?

  10 inch and also skinny :-D

- Who is Wacky Jacky ? 

I don't know anyone by this name :-p

-  Porn or Horn ? 

Hmmm difficult, horn, turns out in porn anyway

- Are you an Idiot ? 

I'm an idiot, a fool, a lozer etc… but I'll never change so get used to it

- Do you hate your ex Girl/Boy Friend ?

I don't hate her, I just erased her out of memory. It just inspired me to complete the album, “Justice failed today” was written before we broke up, but she didn't even noticed the lyrics.

- Huh ?? 

You wanna grab me here? No sorry I just finished my meal :-p




Radical G "Darkness Falls" out soon on Sonicangel:


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Radical G

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Radical G


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