Her mother, being a painter/artist, and her father a violinist/musician, Warsaw born Monica was immersed in art & music from a very early age. At the age of 9, she started to play the piano, and at 12 years, the guitar. This was followed by singing lessons, when she reached her 18th. birthday. She began getting into her own style of music at the age of 16, when she started a girl band, which 5 years later won the award for best girl group in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. During this period, she also taught herself to play drums and bass guitar, performing live shows as lead singer & guitarist of her band - as well as being the composer. After this, Monica (26) got more and more involved in electronic music and finally started to record and program her own songs. Not long after this, she caught the attention of DB Diego Broggio, also known as DB Boulevard, a well known artist and DJ in Italy, who produced and released with Monica a house electronic version of her songs *Wanna Be Your Lady* and *Last True Lovers* on the Italian Labels *MOLTO Recordings*, *TIME Records* & *EGO Music*. At the the beginning of 2012, she composed & pre-produced her 9 debut songs and started to collaborate with lyricist, Bruce R. F. Smith, and producers, Daniele Piccin & Denis Nardulli, aka FinalBase, who co-produced her debut album.


WeirdMusic.net / UKtop40charts.com - Monica Jeffries Exclusive Interview:

Do you Like/Write Weird Music ?
Yes, art in any form can be 'weird' in a positive sense - but that's exactly what can make it interesting & stimulating!
When and where did your experience in music start ?
I started playing piano at the age of nine and changed to guitar when I was 12.
Both instruments were in my grandparents' house in Warsaw,
where I used to spent holidays as a child. Also, because
my mom is a painter and my father a violinist, I was surrounded
by art & music all the time. Then, when I was 16, I formed a pop/rock girl band,
composed the songs on guitar, bass & drums and showed the girls
how to play them. We were performing a lot of gigs. That was
my first experience of performing live and from then on I couldn't get enough!
I started to get deeper and deeper into the electronic genre and
began to record & pre-produce my own electronic songs...
What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest of the year ?

I just finished my debut album with nine electro-pop songs, together with
Lyricist Bruce R. F. Smith & Co-Producers Daniele Piccin & Denis Nardulli aka
Final Base. Of course we will release it...
What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music ?
Miami Nights, Prince, Björk, Madonna, Eurythmics and many different bands & artists from the past & from today.
Best Song Ever ?
Prince *I would die for You*
Please describe your personal studio for us...
A professional rehearsal / studio space in a music building with Logic, Mini Mac, Cv-12 Avantone Mic,
M-Audio Speakers, Korg Micro Sampler Keyboard, Fender Electric Guitar and a MG92cx MIxer.
Do You Like Your Voice On Your Answering Machine ?
Yes, I do. It's different to hear myself on a Answering Machine than on a recording - but I don't have a problem with one or the other ;-)
What are your favorite readings ?
At the moment I am interested in books by *Jack Kerouac*
Are you religious ?
Well, I don't go to church every Sunday and don't support everything the
church says & does but I do believe in God & Jesus. I'm a Roman Catholic.
The person you would never want to meet ?
Wouldn't it be better to ask who I WOULD like to meet? ;)
If you were another person would you be friends with you?
Yes, I would.
What is your best physical attribute ?
I love going to gym and think I am pretty good in sports.
Do you have a secret talent and what is it ?
I loved painting when I was small, so drawing might
be a secret talent - beside singing, composing & writing.
3 things you cannot live without ?
Water, healthy food & sleep ;)
Why you do THIS ?
Because I was asked for the interview and honestly think that your music site is very cool.
What is one unique thing you are afraid of ?
I am too proud to tell You :P


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