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Do you feel you have the face and personality that makes you stand out from the crowd? We are not talking about simply being stunning looking but are you able to write about yourself highlighting why you should have men from across the globe voting for you and therefore stand a chance of winning $500 in our quarterly vote and go through to our final at the end of the year where one of the four chosen girls could become our global beauty of 2012 and win a further $2000 first prize.
This could be your first step to stardom as clearly given the promotion behind the voting you may be not just a lucky winner of the prize money but may be spotted by someone in the modelling industry, or even someone who sees your talent in the words you have written to explain more about you.
All we need you to do is submit photos and written information that you think will get men from around the world voting for you in our quarterly competition and this could really be your ticket to fame and fortune.
Simply fill out the form explaining about yourself and your life, hobbies , skills everything and anything you may feel will win you votes: http:// www.CoverGirlWanted.com



To become a Featured Cover Girl model you do need photos of yourself to be seen by the companies and people who are choosing the right look for their projects, movies , music videos or ad campaigns.

Follow the simple steps below for taking your own photos and submitting them to http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/ / WeirdMusic.net so you can have an opportunity to be http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/ / WeirdMusic.net MAGAZINE's  FEATURED "Weird Mag Photo Indie GIRL"

1. Have a friend or family member take several digital pictures of you. Take headshots, and full-length pictures with outfits that flatter you. Dress to impress! Try different expressions and really show your personality!

2. If you don't have a digital camera get your photos scanned in at a One-Hour Photo shop that can put them on disc. If you already have photos, professional or "home-made", make sure they are current (within 4-6 months).

3. Upload your photos to: http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/ + Please read terms and conditions.

* Children under 18 years of age need their parent's consent to post photos and to join WeirdMusic.net/ http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/

http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/ /WeirdMusic.net holds the right to refuse any photos submitted.

For further information on how toget started, contact:

weirdmusicmag@gmail.com ( SUBJECT: 'Weird Mag Photo Girl' / http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/ )

Please include your:

1) Name

2) Age

3) Location

4) Your Website Info/Link (if any)

5) Please attach 3-6 JPG photos of yourself.





Where are your photos now? How many casting directors have seen your photos in the last 6 months?
If your photos are in a portfolio in your house, who is seeing them? How will you get a job?


What WeirdMusic.net MAGAZINE Does For You:

* You get world-wide exposure on a top-level name domain for a full year, 24/7.
* We screen all e-mails sent to your site and forward leads and job offers to you.
* We do not take a commission from you! You keep 100% of what you earn!
* You are non-exclusive with us which means you can work for any other company
   without conflicting with your affiliation with WeirdMusic.Net.
* You can get job offers in other countries. Travel expenes are paid to you on top
   of your salary.
* No user ID or passwords are needed to view your site, therefore giving you maximum
   exposure to companies looking for new faces.
* You can print your WeirdMusic.Net / http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/ E-comp for free to take on auditions or mail to casting directors.
* You can market yourself with your own personalized WeirdMusic.Net web address:
   http:// www.covergirlwanted.com/
* You have the right to accept or turn down any job for any reason. You are not
  obligated to travel or work if it conflicts with your schedule.
* All transactions are confidential unless you agree to give us permission to use your
   name in a testimonial.
* We will not disclose, list or sell your personal e-mail address to any other company
   or potential employer without your written permission.





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Q: What is "WeirdMusic.net" ???

A: WeirdMusic.net (top20mp3s.com) is a new magazine dedicated to Electronic, Experimental , Alternative/Indie music, also providing an Internet PR and music promotion service.

WeirdMusic.net - new talent showcase site for independent artists looking for recording contracts and community for fans of new indie music:

WeirdMusic.net connects your musical acts to a broader
audience. We painstakingly review artists submissions, and provide
exposure, on the order of 100,000 unique visitors per month, to bands
who demonstrate superb talent and groundbreaking artistry.

Additionally, we work with both Major and Independent record
companies, to connect the best musical talents out there with leading
music industry insiders.



Q: Your recent media/pr partners/ promoters and content providers ???

A: Island Records - (Kerli , Bon Jovi , Rihanna , Tori Amos, Toni Braxton, Fall Out Boy, Elton John, Portishead , Sugababes, Tokio Hotel, Lionel Richie etc ) , Platform One Entertainment - (Artist Rooster: Major - Alice in Chains, Maroon 5 , Dido, Avril Lavigne , Bon Jovi , Kiss , Outcast etc, Indie - The ready set , Karisa Winett, The Crash Motive, Frozen Tundraetc) ; One Little Indian Records - (Björk , Paul McCartney , Sneaker Pimps , Sigur Ros , The Shamen , Skunk Anansie , Chumbawamba , Kelli Ali etc) ; Magnum PR - ( Magnum's artist roster exudes a fresh uniqueness with a current and past roster that reads like a Who's Who of pioneering rock and dance music, everyone from The Prodigy, Portishead, Chemical Brothers, Primal Scream, The Futureheads, Yoko Ono , Nine Inch Nails , Daft Punk , Armand Van Helden and Gnarls Barkley. Magnum's campaigns are all brilliantly engineered and well-timed mixture of trade, consumer, fanzine, tour, national lifestyle, syndication, fashion, and Internet, newsworthy and music media. Magnum's strategy is to retain the artist's original fan base and credibility while pursuing their route to mega-success. Magnum has always prided itself on breaking new artists in media and crossing underground acts into the mainstream. From current chart topping campaigns Gnarls Barkley (already Platinum in less than 3 months), and Snow Patrol (achieved Gold Status), Magnum's groundbreaking campaigns incur Gold to Platinum record status, while achieving Grammy Award Winning campaigns. Grammy's have been delivered to the following artists during Magnum press campaigns: Moby (play) NIN (The Downward Spiral), The Chemical Brothers (Two time winning), Daft Punk, and The Basement Jaxx and here's to what comes Grammy wise for Gnarls Barkley ). Stunt Company - ( The Cardigans, PAUL OAKENFOLD, Mause on Mars , Owl City etc) ; Interscoop / Myspace Records . The Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) UK - ( Stravinsky , Paul McCartney , David Bowie, Amy Winehouse, Kate Nash , Beastie Boys , Yoko Ono, Scissor Sisters , Franz Ferdinand) ; Leighton Media - (Jethro Tull, Grand Funk Railroad, The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Kim Wilson, Carl Palmer, Strawbs, Tower of Power, Joe Deninzon, Stratospheerius, Cevin Soling, The Love Kills Theory, Jay and the Americans )




ATTN: We are currently searching for unsigned bands, artists, songwriters & composers of any style, any genre - Rock, Rap, Folk, Country, Pop, R&B & More.

Whereas, it is currently the policy of all major film & TV show producers not to accept unsolicited material, we work hand in hand with a company, which has an ongoing relationship with them. Having real access to the right people who have the power to place your music in film and television, this is the company that you will be dealing with at the end. Our job is finding music that has potential to be accepted. If your song is accepted, we'll be giving you the contact information, which at that time you'll be contacted & receive a contract.


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