The year 1998, English born singer, Ann Lee debutted with the unforgettable song “2
one of the most extraordinarily tracks to come out of the international dance
scene in a long while.
"2 times" went to #1 in Denmark, #2 in UK and Belgium, Top 10 in in France,
Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Holland, Norway and East Europe,
collecting many Gold and Platinum discs.

The second single, VOICES, reached top 10 positions in Spain, Denmark and the
Czech Republic. It was released in UK in February 2000 and went straight into the Top
The third single, an irresistible cover version of RING MY BELL came out in Europe,
while "2 TIMES" began exploding in Canada.
Ann Lee's debut album, DREAMS, was release all over the globe.
Her latest album “So Alive” was released in 2007 and contains eleven tracks plus a
cover of “Moonlight dancing”.

ANNE LEE 2 People


Do you Like/Write Weird Music?
Any weird music I write stays strictly in my head!!only joking!seriously I do like your website and I'll definitely have to discover it a little more!

When and where did your experience in music start?
Music has always been the manifestation of magic for me - I was often left to amuse myself when a young girl and music made me daydream - it made me fantasise about being able to make or have a part in creating songs. Who'd've imagined that when I had some debts to pay off here in Italy that I would have started doing just that!! For me music is simply magic (and I am an incurable romantic!!).

What are you currently working on and what are your plans for the rest of the year?
a new single intitled "2 PEOPLE" has just been released and so obviously I will be looking to promote it and do some touring this year.

What do you consider your greatest inspirational sources in music?  
To answer this question it would be far easier just to show you the chocca-a-block cd book in my car! When I'm alone in my car I love pumpin' up the volume and listening to my favourite artists as one is supposed to-BLOODY LOUD!  I listen to loads of different stuff but I can say that DONNA SUMMER has always got what it takes!! I also adore MEATLOAF SINATRA U2 ABBA DEPECHE and STREISAND - for her amazing vocal capacity - I know it's not trendy to say that but it's true!

What are your favourite readings?
I love to read anything by STEVEN KING (no trace of the incurable romantic here!). At the moment I'm trying out a Danish author PETER HOEG  -"THE QUIET GIRL" after just finishing DUMA KEY --- riveting!
About my favourite songs... christ-loads! “I FEEL LOVE FINGER”, “ON THE TRIGGER”, “BAT OUT OF HELL”, “DANCING QUEEN”, “ALMENO TU NEL UNIVERSO”, “SE TELEFONANDO” and then many others-it depends very much on my state of mind as well.

In your opinion, what role does the third sector, public and non-profit entities have for music on the Internet?
I have to confess that I am computer illiterate. I don't like facebook for example - for me it's anti-social and potentially dangerous but there are undoubtedly great things about internet, one of which is rendering music immediately accessible to the four corners of the planet, even if it has fucked up the music business in terms of sales and killed off Top Of The Pops! The thing that most makes me angry is  pirating-music is a living for many people. And I'm not talking about the big earners and ALL sectors have to be very careful about what they render available on the net...

Anything else?

JACK THE JACK-THANX 4 THE BEAT...the beat goes on...
thanx for your time!! baci ANN LEE



Ann Lee - Ring My Bell (Eiffel 65 Edit)

Ann Lee - Voices

Ann lee - Two times



Born from the collaboration between Favretto and chart-topping singer Ann Lee, a new exciting track.


"I Get The Feeling" is an energy-packed track, an engaging duet of well synchronised vocals and sounds, which drags you in and keeps the tension going on high thoughout.

Favretto ft. Ann Lee "I Get The Feeling". Available Dec. 11th. iTunes, 7digital, Junodownload and all the main digital dance music stores.





Anne lee

Anne Lee



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